Handtmann is proud to offer minced meat processors fully integrated tray sealing and roll stock packaging solutions. Each features Handtmann portioning with handling technologies and integrated check weighing to ensure high product quality and accuracy for the trouble-free feeding of the industry’s fastest and most reliable packaging technologies.

Vacuum Filling

Our solutions begin with the Handtmann VF vane cell technology featuring a patented adjustable cam that extends the life of the feed system. Their reliable synchronization and downstream weighing, loading and packaging functions enables flexible changes and trouble-free automation.

Grinding & Portioning

The independently driven inline grinder delivers firm cuts and uniform distribution while enabling easy adjustment of the final particle size.

Portioning in this system is done to very exact weights at all speeds and is extremely hygienic.


At this stage, after the minced meat has been portioned and separated, weights are double-checked with portion-by-portion reference weighing to assure +/-1% accuracy. Every individual portioning, loading and packaging action is coordinated into a unified process by the Handtmann Communication Unit.

Loading Options

Tray Sealing

Automatic loading into trays begins with servo-driven denesting that feeds trays in a fully-synchronized process for fast, easy and hygienic loading. This innovative, trouble-free system also enables tray configuration changes in less than 2 minutes and feeds seamlessly into the first twin-lane model of a new generation of tray sealers.

This complete inline tray sealing system for minced meat is an efficient solution for small processors and larger industrial processors. It provides intuitive operation with the industry’s most hygienic design and the high degree of flexibility needed if a truly automated solution is needed.

Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU)

Each filling, grinding, portioning and weighing action within the process is tracked, managed and synchronized into a single unified process by the Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU).

Our HCU captures all critical information from each portioning function, becoming the information control center for mobile or desk top access by plant managers, engineers or operating technicians.

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