Features & Benefits

  1. Dependable collagen, cellulose and natural casing performance
  2. Nozzle centering with slug guiding
  3. Easy to operate - minimal training
  4. Quick changes - no chains

All Casings. All Products. All Volumes.

A Flexible Solution for Diverse Challenges

Handtmann automatic linking and hanging technologies offer flexibility to reliably simplify multi-product operations.

Handtmann's complete line of automatic linking systems provide maximum versatility for natural, collagen, and artificial casings, making them ideal for high speed industrial users as well as medium and small producers seeking flexibility, precision and efficiency with automation.

Gentle product handling enables the most reliable filling option and high speed automation for cooked sausages. Handtmann's accurate weights and lengths is perfect for cellulose, collagen and natural casings. Accurate high speed automatic casing loader make Handtmann AL technology the ideal choice for snack stick and skinless hot dog operations.

Manual and automated casing loading options help create great versatility and the easy flexibility of Handtmann's entire line of AL technology solutions make them “must see” options for processors needing to produce many products from the same line.

A one touch control panel adjustment and simple horn swap resets the system for quick product changeovers, making Handtmann AL systems easy to operate while eliminating lost time and the additional labor and inventory costs of systems using lengthening chains.

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