Tech Center

Customers and partners of all sizes are discovering great value in the Arthur Handtmann Technology Center.

Product Testing

Customers who first test their products on Handtmann equipment being considered for purchase at the Arthur Handtmann Technology Center find that it very quickly and efficiently provides them with useful performance data specific to their product(s) that:

  • Demonstrates the processing impact and potential commercial value of potential new technology in their operation
  • Supports their R&D, Product Development and Quality Assurance/Safety teams in efforts to improve product quality and optimize production processes to increase total product value
  • Often brings to light new technical and operational considerations that are used to refine their equipment evaluation and purchasing processes.

Product Demonstration

As in the case of the VF 624 that specializes in snack stick production, the HVF 658 for dry salami, and more recently the complete Tray Loading and Roll Stock Minced Meat Solutions, Handtmann often develops solutions for very targeted applications and sets up very focused Product Demonstration Days so customers can experience the new technology in action and begin evaluating its potential for their operation.

Equipment Demonstration

The Arthur Handtmann Technology Center supports production level testing of the widest array of Handtmann equipment and complete best-of-breed customer solutions presented cooperatively with other equipment suppliers.

Recipe and Process Optimization

The Arthur Handtmann Technology Center is a major asset for small and regional processors who are now often required to quickly bring product extensions from their development stage to production or rapidly move a product from small-scale production into multi-regional or national distribution. The experience our Handtmann technical team members bring to these situations helps customers optimize the value of their Handtmann equipment with a smoother adaptation of their product recipes and operational processes to enable more consistent quality, precise portioning and reliable operation at large scale production levels.

Contact Dr. Jay Wenther, the Director, or ask your Territory Manager today to schedule a demonstration or learn more about how the Arthur Handtmann Technology Center technical team can help your company.

We look forward to working with you.

Jay Wenther, Ph.D.
Director, Arthur Handtmann Technology Center - (847) 932-6442