Features & Benefits

High Ingredient Integrity
Servo-controlled Cutting
Gentle on Inclusions
Wide Variety of Shapes & Sizes

Keep The Integrity of Your Inclusions

Research shows that chipped chips, smeared blueberries and ancient grains that are crumbled in processing all lower consumer perception of product quality. Handtmann’s gentle VF 800 vane cell divider and FS 510 former create a shorter product path with less friction and lower temperature rise to help you maintain very high ingredient integrity for your premium quality products.

The FS 510 Forming Device

Handtmann's FS 510 Forming system is perfect for the production of precisely portioned products from different types of dough with many possible shapes including round, flat, and cylindrical. The servo-driven flow divider ensures an exact rotor speed and a continuous filling flow is created. The single feed systems of the filling flow divider distribute the filling product precisely to the individual outlet.

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