Features & Benefits

Handtmann solutions with the new VF 800 filler are not just an optimization of individual features, but an entirely new approach to vacuum filling based on customer visions of next generation requirements, preferences and areas of concern for plant operations, R&D, technology & automation, and finance & business management.

Handtmann's Innovative VF 800 Solutions

Forward thinking in every respect, Handtmann’s VF 800 processing solutions feature quantum technological leaps that add value through improved product quality and consistency, more accurate portioning, rugged performance with simpler controls and reduced maintenance, and improved hygiene with faster cleanups and changeovers.

Ground Meat Solutions

  • The latest state-of-the-art portioning and grinding technology
  • New 2-belt separating principle for maximum product quality
  • High-performance production output with up to 200 portions/min.
  • Reliable production of all types of minced meat products
  • Flexible basic module for automation options Tray feeding or depositing into thermo-forming machines

Forming Solutions

  • For balls, dumplings, sticks, burgers, cylindrical products, slices and 3D shapes
  • Weights accurate to the gram for each product and lane thanks to the latest filling flow divider
  • First-class product quality due to a new rotating hole plate system

Alginate Casing Solutions

  • First-class product appearance due to new forming and separating units
  • High portioning capacity for small-calibre snack products
  • Excellent product shelf-life due to ideal hygiene conditions
  • Increase of production output for the entry-level model via simple upgrade

Fresh Sausage Solutions

  • State-of-the-art automation solution with significant rationalisation effect for automatic collating and depositing of fresh sausage into trays
  • Excellent hygiene conditions for production thanks to Handtmann hygienic design from the vacuum filler to the tray denester
  • Depositing of single-cut portions or pairs into trays in single or double layers possible

The Turnkey Solution for Fresh Sausage -- State-of- the-art automated solution with reliable flexibility for fresh sausage in artificial and natural casing.
Forming for many Applications -- The new FS 520 series forming systems delivers first-class product quality for a variety of formed shapes.
Top Performance for Products in Alginate Casing -- The new flexible ConPro system allows for high speed production within a small footprint.