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VF 628

The ideal machine for industrial producers with the most stringent demands.

The VF 628 operates with an innovative control drive system ensuring a broad range of applications, from simple linking on AL lines to clipping applications. The VF 628 excels when processing liquid products, cooked sausage and dry sausage. Its 72 bar filling pressure performs powerfully when an inline grinding system is required for dry sausage production.

As on all vacuum filling machines of the VF 600 Series, the ergonomically optimized monitor control is the central control unit for perfect synchronization. With up to 700 portions per minute, the VF 628 meets the most stringent performance demands.

Key Facts

Filling Capacity
Filling Pressure
Portioning Speed
Portioning Range
Electrical Certification


ST420 Filling Flow Divider

The ST420 Filling Flow Divider is connected directly to the Handtmann vacuum filler. Accurate and uniform distribution from one into several product flows with liquid, pasty or homogenous products such as meat and fish products, filet, American cheese, bread filling, cevapcici and various snack products. With 2-8 outlets as standard. Volumetrically accurate distribution, and straight filling and portioning.

Dosing Head, type 85-2

Simple and precisely portioned dosing of fluid to firm products: Non-drip, vertical admixing opens up new capabilities for product innovations.

Parts Trolly, type 449-01

For storing and cleaning of removable parts.

the type gd 93-3 mincing system

Combined with the new Vane Cell Feed System with efficient product evacuation, products are evenly and densely filled for quality. The advantages are: reduced process steps, simplified production procedures, longer shelf life, variable cutting speed with individual filling and grinding drives, and maximum product quality.

Holding Devices 414,416

Suitable for automatic linking of natural casings, collagen and artificial casings.

Additional Specs

hopper volume
90/350 liters
electrical rating
13.5 kw
1,360 kg net/1,660 kg gross
212 x 158 x 225 cm
included accessories
5 filling tubes 12, 16, 22, 30 and 40 mm Ø, cleaning brush, filter cartridge, fuse, USB stick for product data backup, operating manual, spare parts list