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VF 624

The VF 624 - with its mighty 72 bar filling pressure offers a specific solution for products which are difficult to process.

Handtmann has optimized its small portion pump geometry to reduce side plate pressure in the VF 624 while enabling higher cell pressures and eliminating bending at all pressures. The new Handtmann VF 624 design also improves vane travel in the rotor to manage pulsing and leakage while requiring less torque and increasing vane life.

Key Facts

Filling Capacity
Filling Pressure
Portioning Speed
Portioning Range
Electrical Certification


Linking Gear Box, 410

Manual linking without holding device resp. automatic linking with holding device.

Portion speed up to 700 port./min. Incl. linking nozzles

Holding Devices 412,414,416

Suitable for automatic linking of natural casings, collagen and artificial casings.

Casing Spooling Device 78-6

With the handtmann Type 78-6 casing spooling device you can increase the efficiency of your automatic Filling, Portioning and Linking machine when producing sausages in natural casing. The advantages are: minimum interruption to the filling process, uniform and gentle spooling of the casing, suitable for all natural casings, and simple operation.

Filling Head, type 85-2

Simple and precisely portioned dosing of fluid to firm products: Non-drip, vertical admixing opens up new capabilities for product innovations.

Sanitation Trolly, type 449-01

For storing and cleaning of removable parts.

Networking via HCU Software

Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU): Handtmann's software for networking filling systems with the production operation data. Click here, for more information on the HCU Software.

the type 83-6 lifting and tipping device

The 83-6 is driven hydraulically. It comes in two models -- one for standard 200h kitchen carts and one for 300h kitchen carts.

the type gd 93-3 mincing system

Combined with the new Vane Cell Feed System with efficient product evacuation, products are evenly and densely filled for quality. The advantages are: reduced process steps, simplified production procedures, longer shelf life, variable cutting speed with individual filling and grinding drives, and maximum product quality.

the type 79-0 meatball attachment

The drive for manufacturing meatballs is connected directly at the outlet of the Vacuum Filling Machine. It feeds evacuated product continuously to the type 79-0. Two outlet diameters are available for products up to 50 mm and up to 70 mm. The economic advantages for the user are ensured by: delivery rate of up to 400 portions/min, portioning accuracy, easy handling.

the type hv 60-6 holding device

The automatic HV 60-6 or HV 60-7 Casing Holding Device is mounted directly to the linking gearbox without the aid of tools. A flexible casing brake assembly can be quickly inserted into the Holding Device for product caliber changes. The convincing results are: minimum number of bursts, higher performance, and outstanding caliber accuracy with all synthetic and collagen casings.

The easy-to-handle design of the handtmann Holding Device can be suspended on a swing arm and moved to the side. This makes changing to Filling & Portioning from Linking a simple operation.

Additional Specs

hopper volume
90/240 liters
electrical rating
8 kw
1,315 kg net/1,660 kg gross
125 x 145 x 226cm
included accessories
5 filling tubes 12, 16, 22, 30 and 40 mm Ø, cleaning brush, filter cartridge, fuse, USB stick for product data backup, operating manual, spare parts list