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VF 612

VF 612 – Latest technology for small and medium-scale operations.

The VF 612 vacuum filling machine now also offers small and medium-scale operations the latest state-of-the-art with servo drive technology, monitor control integrated as standard and the optimised vane cell feed system of the latest generation of VF 600 vacuum filling machines.

Whether it is used to expand the already diverse product range of small-scale businesses or to afford entry into efficient sausage production through its combination with the AL systems PLH 216, PLS 115 and PLSH 217, the highest degree of versatility is ensured.

Key Facts

Filling Capacity
Filling Pressure
Portioning Speed
Portioning Range
Electrical Certification


Holding Devices 414,416

Suitable for automatic linking of natural casings, collagen and artificial casings.

Dosing Head, type 85-2

Simple and precisely portioned dosing of fluid to firm products: Non-drip, vertical admixing opens up new capabilities for product innovations.

Parts Trolly, type 449-01

For storing and cleaning of removable parts.

the type 79-0 meatball attachment

The drive for manufacturing meatballs is connected directly at the outlet of the Vacuum Filling Machine. It feeds evacuated product continuously to the type 79-0. Two outlet diameters are available for products up to 50 mm and up to 70 mm. The economic advantages for the user are ensured by: delivery rate of up to 400 portions/min, portioning accuracy, easy handling.

Casing Spooling Device 78-6

With the handtmann Type 78-6 casing spooling device you can increase the efficiency of your automatic Filling, Portioning and Linking machine when producing sausages in natural casing. The advantages are: minimum interruption to the filling process, uniform and gentle spooling of the casing, suitable for all natural casings, and simple operation.

ST420 Filling Flow Divider

The ST420 Filling Flow Divider is connected directly to the Handtmann vacuum filler. Accurate and uniform distribution from one into several product flows with liquid, pasty or homogenous products such as meat and fish products, filet, American cheese, bread filling, cevapcici and various snack products. With 2-8 outlets as standard. Volumetrically accurate distribution, and straight filling and portioning.

Additional Specs

hopper volume
90/240 liter
electrical rating
4.5 kw
net weight without/with 83-6: 755 / 1,165 kg gross weight without/with 83-6: 955 / 1,505 kg
without lifting device: 1445 x 1250 x 2250 with lifting device: 2120 x 1600 x 2250
included accessories
5 filling tubes 12, 16, 22, 30 and 40 mm Ø, cleaning brush, filter cartridge, fuse, USB stick for product data backup, operating manual, spare parts list