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VF 848

For Maximum Performance

For sheer productivity
The VF 848 S boasts a wide range of applications for the industrial sausage and ham production. It is perfectly suited not only for filling and portioning of firm, pasty and fluid products but also reliably clips products with maximum performance requirements.

Maximum product quality with inline grinding system
In conjunction with the integrated inline grinding system, reduce the number of process steps and improve the product quality even further  – an enormous advantage in industrial minced meat production in particular.

Improved performance on demand
Increased production, additional contracts – no problem. The VF 848 S increases its production output on demand – with the flexible S9, S12 and S15 performance levels.    

Key Facts

Filling Capacity
Filling Pressure
up to 45
Hopper Volume
up to 550
Portioning Capacity


Clipper Connection

Depositing Tray

Mobile Heating Unit

Constant hopper temperature for warm and hot filling products As an option, all hopper versions can be kept at a constant temperature with the aid of the MH 465 mobile heating unit. Heated water (up to 90 °C) is channelled through the double-wall hopper via a hose connection. A hot or warm product is therefore also kept at constant temperature during the filling and portioning process. The mobile heating unit features two heating circuits, thus making it possible to connect several vacuum fillers – including in series.

Easy to set via the VF 800 control system The temperature is set on the display of the VF 800 vacuum filler's control system and is stored in the product memory. The temperatures can also be logged.

Extremely low water and energy consumption The closed water circuit, with integrated protection against excess pressure, overheating and running dry, facilitates extremely low water and energy consumption as well as very short heating times. Water replenishment, evacuation and pressure compensation are performed automatically, the hose couplings can be closed at both ends and have an anti-drip design in order to protect against scalding.

Inline Grinding GD 451

Perfect symbiosis of state-of-the-art inline grinding system technology and vacuum filling technology State-of-the-art inline grinding technology in conjunction with state-of-the-art VF 800 vacuum filling technology meets all the demands placed on top production standards. The GD 451 inline grinding system is based on the most modern grinding technology on the market. A powerful servo drive with an extremely high speed guarantees top filling capacities even at low temperatures. The product is gently ground to its final grain size and simultaneously precisely portioned in one process step.

Separate drives for optimum product settings Due to the separate drives, the ratio between the portioning speed and the cutting speed can be optimally adjusted in line with the various different products. Both parameters are stored in the product memory and thus ensure a high degree of process reliability and a constantly high product quality. The optional use of a gristle separator ensures product reliability. Strong module, versatile use The strengths of inline grinding system technology are demonstrated in particular when used for the production of fresh sausage, dry sausage and small-caliber dry sausage snacks, in conjunction with AL systems for sausages, for minced meat production and for the production of formed products. The GD 451 inline grinding system offers a specific solution for products which are difficult to process

Mobile Operating Unit

Control from a remote position In addition to displaying important information and instructions, the optional mobile operating unit also makes it possible to set important filler control parameters from a distance.

Flexible positioning The 7-inch screen in tablet form can, for example, be installed at the end of the AL system length unit and it is then powered via the machine. As an option, the mobile operating unit can also be positioned flexibly at other locations, for example on downstream units such as packaging machines or conveyor belts.

Secure signal transmission Signals are transmitted either by cable or via the optional WLAN transmitter unit in the hopper's signalling column.

Hopper Options

Parts Trolly, type 449-01

For storing and cleaning of removable parts.

Top Advantages

Excellent product quality with the gentle feed principle for pasty, fluid, or chunky products
The vane cell feed system enables long-term stable portioning accuracy and reduced wear
Hygienic design at the highest level
Unparalleled ergonomics for simple and safe operation