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GD 93-3

GD 93-3 - new technological capabilities with the intelligent handtmann inline grinding system.

The independent drive of the GD 93-3 inline grinder which can be integrated in all vacuum filling machines of the moderate-capacity and industrial performance range (VF616, VF620, VF622, VF628 and VF630) allows individual adaptation of the final granularity to the relevant requirements. The advantages are: reduced process steps, simplified production procedures, longer shelf life, variable cutting speed with individual filling and grinding drives, and maximum product quality.

Additional Specs

Independent servo-drive
Final granularity
filling, grinding, portioning and linking, even in conjunction with all upstream attachments and line solutions
for processing raw sausage, fresh sausage and mince
perforated disk diameter 130 mm
3-piece and 5-piece cutting set variants possible
independent servo-drive 9 kW
final granularity between 1.5 mm and 8 mm