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Producing the widest variety of products at optimal accuracy.

Handtmann servo-controlled meatball solutions produce precisely portioned units at up to 400 ppm per lane with 1,3,4,5,6 and 8 lane options. Each meatball is portioned with 1% Handtmann VF Series accuracy into a rugged single or multi-lane depositor that offers great control over shape - providing exact dimensional and weight precision at the very highest speeds. The precisely engineered heavy duty components and servo control of this Handtmann meatball solution ensure the accuracy and reliability required to optimize profits from day one. Designed with fewer wear parts and offering the ability to fine tune production parameters, this Handtmann meatball solution not only runs reliably at the highest speeds, but offers easier assembly and faster cleanup.

When speed and control are as important to your productivity as reliability and ease of operation, there is no better solution than the Handtmann Meatball Forming Device.