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PLSH 217

The ultimate in flexibility is the special feature of the PLSH 217. The combination of hanging line PLH 216 and cutting line PLS 115 offers both: cutting or hanging for straight portions in all types of casings. And all that without extensive changeovers, simply programmed through monitor control in the Handtmann vacuum filler. And in addition equal length and equal weight.

Key Facts

Portion Length
Electrical Rating
Casing Calibre
Portioning Speed
Portioning Range


the type gd 93-3 mincing system

Combined with the new Vane Cell Feed System with efficient product evacuation, products are evenly and densely filled for quality. The advantages are: reduced process steps, simplified production procedures, longer shelf life, variable cutting speed with individual filling and grinding drives, and maximum product quality.

Casing Spooling Device 78-6

With the handtmann Type 78-6 casing spooling device you can increase the efficiency of your automatic Filling, Portioning and Linking machine when producing sausages in natural casing. The advantages are: minimum interruption to the filling process, uniform and gentle spooling of the casing, suitable for all natural casings, and simple operation.

Additional Specs

natural, collagen, cellulose casings
useful nozzle lengths
standard 425 mm for slugs with closed end, 395 mm for slugs without closed end, reduced nozzles 250 mm with closed end, 220 mm without closed end
calibre range
13-50 mm
smoke stick lengths
Standard version: 2 smoke sticks up to 1,060 Extra-long version: 3 smoke sticks up to 1,000 mm long or 2 smoke sticks up to 1,520 mm long
length unit
Net weight: 280 kg Gross weight: 380 kg Crate dimensions: 1750 x 1050 x 1670 mm
hanging unit
Net weight: 110 kg Gross weight: 200 kg Crate dimensions: 1450 x 710 x 2050 mm
compressed air connection
min. 6 bar, 60 l/h, hose inner Ø 10 mm
portioning range
5-10000 kG limited by max. length and calibre
portion speed
infinitely variable, depends on casings size and weight of product
category 3 compliant