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PLH 216

Equal length specifically for natural casing sausages, hung rationally and reliably - these are the features of the PLH 216.

Precise-weight portioning, gentle linking and highly effective filling capacity are just as much strengths of the PLH 216 line as the low maintenance costs. Easy handling and perfect synchronization of all modules from the vacuum filling machine through to the hanging unit make the PLH 216 a reliable system for day-to-day operation. The Handtmann control system provides assistance for fast and easy product change and offers maximum flexibility. Regardless of whether processing sausages in sheep's hog, collagen or peel-off casing, the PLH 216 gets one "hooked up" to performance.

Key Facts

Portioning Capacity
Caliber Range
Portion Lengths
Electrical Certification


the type gd 93-3 mincing system

Combined with the new Vane Cell Feed System with efficient product evacuation, products are evenly and densely filled for quality. The advantages are: reduced process steps, simplified production procedures, longer shelf life, variable cutting speed with individual filling and grinding drives, and maximum product quality.

Casing Spooling Device 78-6

With the handtmann Type 78-6 casing spooling device you can increase the efficiency of your automatic Filling, Portioning and Linking machine when producing sausages in natural casing. The advantages are: minimum interruption to the filling process, uniform and gentle spooling of the casing, suitable for all natural casings, and simple operation.