Features & Benefits

3-A Symbol Authorization with premium quality to the core 

  • Perfected feed system design with gentle product handling  
  • Long-term stable maximum portioning accuracy 
  • Improved performance, 20% longer service intervals  
  • Hygienic design & patented UVC degermination 
  • Top level ergonomics 
  • Flexible scalability & additional functionality on demand  

Introducing Handtmann Dairy Vacuum Fillers

Vacuum Filling for Dairy Has a New Performance Standard: The Handtmann VF800-D Series

The new Handtmann Dairy Vacuum Fillers  developed specifically for dairy processing represent a quantum technological leap with more than 100 individual developments and have earned 3-A Symbol Authorization with Certificate #3635 for conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standards for Equipment for Packaging Viscous Products #2306. 

The most powerful Handtmann vacuum filling innovation in the VF 800 series is not just the optimization of individual features, but the entirely new approach to vacuum filling that is based on next generation requirements and emerging areas of concern for plant operations, food safety and technological change.

In addition to 3-A symbol authorization, the new Handtmann Dairy vacuum fillers offer next-gen safety, labor-saving and performance innovations for the dairy industry that make gram sensitive portioning accuracy a reality.  They also provide constant product flow, gentle feeding and automatic quality monitoring that helps you produce today’s premium products with the flexibility you will need to meet tomorrow’s demands – plus, a longer service life with service intervals lengthened up to 20% for continuous cost savings. 

Top Hygiene Advantages

  • 3-A Symbol Authorization for conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standards #2306 
  • External surfaces of the machine are easy to clean  
  • Patented UVC ambient air degermination 

Top Quality Advantages

  • Improved performance and additional functions on demand 
  • Compatible with many auxiliary machines and automation solutions 
  • Gentle feed principle 
  • Automatically monitored product quality 
  • High level of food safety 

Top Accuracy Advantages

  • Adjustable vane cell feed system with weight compensation 
  • Long-term stable weight accuracy 
  • Precise feeding of difficult-to-transport and sensitive products 
  • Specially developed, high-end servo drives 
  • Automatic weight control with HCU 

Top Maintenance Advantages         

  • Long life of the feed system components 
  • Up to 20% longer maintenance intervals 
  • Robust and low-maintenance vacuum pump 

Interested in Learning More?

UVC Degermination kills airborne germs and spores reliably and effectively
Increase in service life with stronger drive unit
Hygienic Design for easy cleaning and maximum food safety